Smart Cookies Preview

Coming soon to Sesame Street!  Sesame Workshop with cg by Magnetic Dreams bring you the immersive world of the “Smart Cookies.”  In a world conceived in a bakery, A-Team parody characters train their new rookie, Cookie Monster, how to utilize critical thinking to solve problems.  When their arch nemesis, “The Crumb”, comes up with his highly disruptive mad-creations, the Smart Cookies… Read more →

Crumby Pictures (Part V)

Could it be the final post of the Crumby Pictures saga? For those of you just now reading about this, Crumby Pictures – a.k.a. Cookie Monster’s Crumby Pictures – is series of five minute movie trailer parodies starting Cookie Monster, airing on the world renowned children’s television program Sesame Street. Sesame Street, with CG and effects courtesy of Magnetic Dreams, bring you Furry… Read more →

Crumby Pictures (Part IV)

From “A long time ago in a cookies and milky way galaxy far, far away…”  Sesame Street with CG from Magnetic Dreams present to you, Star S’mores!  This short is yet another wonderful installment of Cookie’s Crumby Pictures.  The movie trailer parody stars Cookie Monster as Flan Solo, who with the help of his friends, must save Princess Parfaita from the evil Galactic Empire.… Read more →

Crumby Pictures (Part III) and More!

In anticipation for this year’s newest round of Crumby Pictures (and trust me, these are the best yet!) I’d like to present to you another one of our more involved shorts.  Crumby Pictures: The Cookie of Oz, casts Cookie Monster as Dorothy in this parody of one of history’s more famous films.  Set concepts are courtesy of Michael Lapinski, while the 3D environments… Read more →

Crumby Pictures (Part II)

Sesame Street (and Magnetic Dreams) bring you a few more installments of Crumby Pictures – a segment of movie parodies starring Cookie Monster in his quest for self-control and good behavior. Everyone’s favorite cookie-cramming monster stars in several new episodes; however, featured here are the two most recent for which I had the privilege of working on. For both of… Read more →

Crumby Pictures (Part I)

Sesame Street does it again!  This time, with the help of Magnetic Dreams, the masters of daytime puppetry bring you a new segment staring Cookie Monster: “Cookie’s Crumby Pictures”.  This segment of short “trailers” features spoofs of popular films of the last few decades.  The purpose of Crumby Pictures is to teach kids how to stay calm, how maintain control… Read more →

Art of Healer: A Light in the Darkness

Greetings everyone!  I’ve decided to post some artwork from our game, Healer: A Light in the Darkness.  You can expect more, but for now here are a few icons from the game.  These icons are used to represent boss abilities, talents, and spells that you will encounter on your adventures.  Included in this image is a large majority of them.… Read more →

Healer: A Light in the Darkness

Healer is a fast-paced RPG currently available on the iPad App Store.  The game itself plays a lot like that of a healer-character class in an MMORPG online.  With a myriad of spells, talents, and boss encounters, Healer: A Light in the Darkness provides hours of entertainment.  A perfect fix for an MMO loving gamer.  Check us out! Read more →

More Homebrew Labels

Though it pains me that I don’t get to brew as often as I want to, that doesn’t put a damper on my ability to make slick labels!  Here are two of my more recent illustrations.  Though you can’t enjoy the beer, please enjoy the art! Bombshell Red Ale   Naughty or Nice: Holiday Spice Ale Lastly, a couple images… Read more →


“Stray” is a short film by friend and former coworker, Andrew Atteberry, who put this together for his iAnimate course.  Today, it is featured as a Staff Pick on the front page of!  Congrats to everyone who worked on it!  This was animated in Maya, and rendered in Softimage using Arnold Render. I was fortunate enough to get a… Read more →