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Crumby Pictures (Part V)

Could it be the final post of the Crumby Pictures saga? For those of you just now reading about this, Crumby Pictures – a.k.a. Cookie Monster’s Crumby Pictures – is series of five minute movie trailer parodies starting Cookie Monster, airing on the world renowned children’s television program Sesame Street. Sesame Street, with CG and effects courtesy of Magnetic Dreams, bring you Furry… Read more →

Crumby Pictures (Part IV)

From “A long time ago in a cookies and milky way galaxy far, far away…”  Sesame Street with CG from Magnetic Dreams present to you, Star S’mores!  This short is yet another wonderful installment of Cookie’s Crumby Pictures.  The movie trailer parody stars Cookie Monster as Flan Solo, who with the help of his friends, must save Princess Parfaita from the evil Galactic Empire.… Read more →

Crumby Pictures (Part III) and More!

In anticipation for this year’s newest round of Crumby Pictures (and trust me, these are the best yet!) I’d like to present to you another one of our more involved shorts.  Crumby Pictures: The Cookie of Oz, casts Cookie Monster as Dorothy in this parody of one of history’s more famous films.  Set concepts are courtesy of Michael Lapinski, while the 3D environments… Read more →

Crumby Pictures (Part II)

Sesame Street (and Magnetic Dreams) bring you a few more installments of Crumby Pictures – a segment of movie parodies starring Cookie Monster in his quest for self-control and good behavior. Everyone’s favorite cookie-cramming monster stars in several new episodes; however, featured here are the two most recent for which I had the privilege of working on. For both of… Read more →